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The Exegesis of F Dellamorte [entries|friends|calendar]
Dr Francesco Dellamorte (PHD Disco Science)

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[07 Jun 2011|09:34pm]

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[26 May 2011|09:46pm]
Dellamorte's cheeseboard May 2011 by Dj Dellamorte

I added a tracklisting to that thing I done last week, have a listen or you can click on it and download for later. It's quite nice.
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[01 May 2011|06:06pm]
Actually I should just be able to embed it, right?

Leroy Merlin (Demo Version) by Dj Dellamorte

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I'll just leave this here. [01 May 2011|06:03pm]

Well, Here we are. It's maybe not perfect yet but it's the result of less than six hours work.

Additional production by Speednik and Ms Codex. Please enjoy, comments appreciated!
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Writer's Block: Teenage dream [07 Apr 2011|12:46pm]
If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

Hi Mum!
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[31 Mar 2011|10:44pm]

I actually had to stop reading these because I was laughing too much.
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[31 Mar 2011|11:10am]
[ mood | okay ]

Hey! Music Meme returns for DAY 2 : How you got introduced to dance music.

What we’re gonna do right here is go way back, back into time. Back to 1987 I believe. It was the first wave of acid house, and I was 9 years old, so obviously I can’t pretend to have been at the forefront raving at Shoom or Spectrum. Instead, my first taste of dance music was likely the same as many – hearing Pump Up The Volume on the radio. I was in the car with my Mum at the time, and I remember her saying, after the DJ had gone at great lengths to explain that this strange music was the future ‘I bet you like this, Tris’. To be honest, I remember thinking that I hadn’t really considered it – I hadn’t quite become obsessed with music yet (This happened the following year), so to my young ears it was just another sound on the radio. Pretty much all I liked was Adam Ant and Shakin’ Stevens at this point.

But, after she said that, I listened harder, mostly to try and work out why she would say that, and, you know what? She was right – The combination of bass & drum that made you want to bop about mixed with all these wacky sounds and voices (I didn’t understand sampling at that point, but I liked the effect) – It was almost like some demented cartoon come to life, rather than a boring adult standing there singing about love or whatever.

Of course, it snowballed from there on, getting bigger every time I found a new channel for discovering music – From buying Now compilations and playing the dancier tunes over and over (and then the Now Dance 12” mixes compilations), to reading music tech magazines for tips on what I should be listening to, to finally discovering the treasure trove that was late night Radio One, but those are other stories for other times.

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[23 Feb 2011|01:16pm]
[ mood | good ]


Please take ten seconds to fill this in - If Cameron's plans to privatise the NHS go through, there's really no going back.

Oh, and come and march on the 25th March.

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[19 Jan 2011|10:08am]
Hello two new friends! Nice thing to find on a busy Wednesday morning!

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shiiiiit [08 Nov 2010|09:59pm]
[ mood | surprised ]


Does that link work?

Anyway, Hi! I appear to be headlining one of my favourite nights. Eek.

Please come along!

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[28 Oct 2010|12:59pm]
Cor, there's another gig lined up! In December! back in the world, back in the world!
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[15 Oct 2010|03:48pm]
Halloween party alert.

Well, I said I couldn't be arsed to organise my own, but it turns out I have been asked to organise someone elses.

Therefore - HALLOWEEN PARTY 30th October at 10+1 (although it's changing it's name shortly)
, which is the Bethnal Green place from before.



it'll likely be from 7pm-11.30pm, meaning it'll be a good warm up if you have a party later on.

Keep it free!
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[15 Oct 2010|01:27pm]
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Chris DeBurgh's birthday

I dare to you to listen to this without doing an actual LOL somewhere.


(which proves that Tenancious D have listened, I reckon)


Whoops, He's not gonna be happy, by the sounds of this -

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[01 Oct 2010|01:53pm]
It's Friday! Does anyone want to be anonymous?

Usual rule applies, IE BE NICE OR BE DELETED.
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[03 Sep 2010|05:26pm]
One final P.I.M.P for tomorrow -


It's gonna be awesome, I've decided. You can but find out.
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Anon [03 Sep 2010|03:50pm]
OK then, first time I've ever done an anon comments post.

New rules, though - YOU can be anon, but I can't. Fire away! and be nice-ish (you can be durrrty, just not mean)
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[28 Aug 2010|04:43pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Details for tonight's radio show over here - http://djdellamorte.blogspot.com/2010/08/cor-ive-got-excellent-show-for-you-this.html

it's on at 1am tonight, repeated at 10am tomorrow morning - i'll be in chat both times,so come join the party (or the aftermath of the party)

Don't forget, the first three shows are now available in the archive!

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[22 Aug 2010|02:44pm]
I realised the other day that you can download or stream my previous radio shows at http://www.spfradio.yage.net/radioarchives.html

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[22 Aug 2010|01:50pm]

I have a radio show over on www.spfradio.yage.net in ten mins! (2pm-3pm GMT). Come say hello in the chat and let me inject your Sunday afternoon with a little musical solution.
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[16 Aug 2010|01:03pm]
Dear Tiger,

I have spent much time in the last few years attempting to decipher your 90's dancehall hit 'Yuh Dead Now'. I think I'm nearly up to speed, but I cannot for the life of me work out what a 'dibby dibby skwaabz-skwaabz' is, let alone confirm whether I think you are one.

Your fan,


EDIT - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKq_1R5YIhE , if you have no idea what I'm talking about.
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